Freebies Auto Added

All new characters will be gifted with F.O sets and Wing!

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Balanced pvp with combo for all class enabled.

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Boss Drop Valuable items!

All bosses will drop valuable items!

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Base Information:

Server Version: Season 6 Ep 3
Exp:9999x (FAST / EASY)
Drop: 60%
Maximal Level: 400
Maximal Stats: 32627
Max Ip Connection: 3
CashShop: Enable
DDoS Protected
Uptime 99.99%


In website: Game panel
In game: /reset or /reset auto
Reward: 50 Wcoins
Stats: Stay
Skills: Stay
Items: Stay
Stay on Spot: On
Maximal Reset: 99999

Grand Reset

Require: 50 resets
In website: Game Panel
Stats: Stay
Items: Stay
Skills: Stay
Reward: 5000 WcoinsC
Hp Bonus Reward: 200 (max 50000)
Maximal Grand Reset: 10000
Master Level settings/Offattack
Maximal ML: 200
Points per level: 1
Master Level Exp: 10x
Reset Master Lvl: In website - Game Panel


Max Attack time: 24hours, after that need to login and type /attack again
Offattack Exp: 2500x

IP connections

Maximal IP connections are 3. We don't recommend playing more than 2 accounts at the same time.


/addstr - Add strength
/addagi - Add agility
/addvit - Add health
/addene - Add energy
/addcmd - Add command
/re (On / Off / Auto) - Show/Hide/Automatically request approval.
/evo - Evolve to 2nd class and 3rd class
/post - Post in Global chat
/reset - Reset your character (400lvl)

/reset auto - automatic reset

/reset auto off - turn off auto reset
/attack - Start attack
/offattack - Start offattack (After writing the command, character gets disconnected and starts offline leveling)
/zen 2000000000 - Add max Zen to your character
/pk - Remove PK level
/bau 1-2 - Add extra vault to your account
/clearinventory - Clear your character inventory
/marry - Marry your character
/readd - Re-add your character stats
/remaster - Reset master skill tree
/store - Open custom store
/offstore - Open custom offline store
/war - Start guild war
/soccer - Start battle soccer with other guild
/pack - Pack your Jewels (10/20/30...)
/unpack - Unpack your Jewels (10/20/30)

Event Highlights:

Kundun  Invasion(All monster): Drop 5 Ancient items, Location: Lorencia, Atlans , Devias 2, Arena - Drop are 100% rate! Every 2 Hours

Golden Invasion(All monster): Drop 5 items, Gemstone ,Sphere lvl 5, Christmas Star - Every 2 hour

Chaos Castle(Any level): Drop  5 items, Seed sphere Gemstone , Christmas Star

Erohim: Drop 10 items, 30% chance of Ancient item, High seeds and Gemstone bundle drop rates. - Respawn every 8 hour - Land of Trials

Nightmare(Kanturu event): Drop 1 Ancient items

White wizard: Drop 3 items, Pentas(high chance), Wizards Ring, Gemstone - Every 4 hours - Devias, Noria, Lorencia

Skeleton King: Drop 3 items, Penta, 10% chance of Ancient item, Gemstone - Every 4 hours - Devias, Noria, Lorencia

Blood Castle(Any level): Drop 5 items, Sphere lvl 5, Gemstone, Christmas Star

King of Mu(Any level): Event  Location Devias 3, once a day, (Please Refer Guide Section)

*Additional info: Gemstone refine rate are 40%


Every 2 weeks, Saturday 13:00 UTC , Please look on the event timer on the website

Here's what you need to know about our Auctions:

  1. Item Bids and Sign of Lord (SOL)

    Every 2 weeks, we'll feature exclusive DONATE items for bidding.

    Bidding requires Sign of Lord (SOL), which can be found throughout the game world. Collect them as you explore!

  2. Auction Rules (Because Rules Matter)

    The minimum bid for each item will be announced alongside the item, but it won't be less than 50 SOL.

    Bid increments must be at least 50 SOL, unless a GM/Admin specifies otherwise.

    Each player (not account or character) can purchase a maximum of 2 items, ensuring everyone gets a fair chance at Donate items.

    During bidding, please maintain silence. Save your chit-chat for the time between items.

    Upon reaching Lorencia Bar, remember to leave your Wings in the Warehouse, as they can cause lag.

    If a player places a bid but can't pay immediately, they'll be disqualified from ALL future auctions. No exceptions!

    The auction will commence with Seed Sphere packs, which won't count toward the total number of items a user can buy. Example: You can buy 3 Seed Packs + 2 items; only the items are counted.

    Sign of Lord and Donate items do not mix. Do not attempt to offer money to Admins for SOL.

Vote Reward

Can vote and earn credits every 12 hours. Reward - WCoins. Once a week, best voters receive free VIP access
Rewards: 100 Wcoins each (12 Wcoins Daily)

Online Reward

Every 1 hour of playing the game you will receive 10 Wcoins as a reward


Published by Administrator, September 9, 2023